Personal message from founder

Dear Sir or Madam,

my name is Vitus Hösl. I am the founder of ShipGerman and I ran the service since the August 10th 2017. This is a personal message from me to all customers - who are disappointed by our service and what has happened within the last few days. I want to offer my sincere apologies for this, but I see the need to explain what happened. That is what I want to do in this message to all our customers. If you only want to know what will happen to the packages currently in the warehouse please click here or scroll down to the end.

ShipGerman was started in August 2017. Since the launch ShipGerman had great growth rates – and I loved what I was doing. Every time a customer told me that we did a good job a big smile appeared on my face. It was my top priority to do my best in fulfilling my customers' needs and according to most of the feedback my customers were satisfied with the service. The customer service also was used a lot – international shipping is complicated and I was happy to help every customer that sent me a message.

At the end of December 2017, I was first contacted by the police. A customer had abused our service to purchase items with payment information that were not his own. Therefore, all packages of this customer were confiscated by the Police and returned to their senders. I was in a constant exchange with the responsible police offer about my service and how it works and we worked cooperatively to stop any kind of fraud.

This conversation continued for about half a year. Until I – all of a sudden – got a call from the responsible criminal investigation department. They informed me that I was accused of money laundering because of the service I was running. This was on the 7th of August 2018.

To avoid further accsations I decided to immediately terminate all services ShipGerman offered on the August 8th for my own safety. In the evening (European time), I redirected the whole ShipGerman website to a shutdown information page.

From that day on I tried to get everything sorted out. To make sure the legal process runs correctly I have contacted my attorney. We tried to find ways to minimize the damage caused by the service termination. Therefore, we decided that we will continue shipping all packages at our warehouse. I will not receive new packages at the address (delivery will be refused and they will get returned to their senders) and I have already closed registration for new customers.

I personally have decided that even though I find the accusations by German law enforcement unfounded the business ShipGerman will not be continued. I have damaged the trust of my customers during the last week and I don’t see any way to restore that. I also do not want to put myself in danger of other accusations by law enforcement. This is why I will process any packages left and then let this website and company rest in peace.

I want to offer my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to my customers by what happened.


Vitus Hösl
Owner and founder of ShipGerman

What will happen to packages at the warehouse?

There are two options for packages at the warehouse now:

1. The packages can be shipped to their destination. Please note that I will – as usual – conduct checks for payment on conspicuous shipments. You can place the order through our website like before the service termination in your user panel.

2. The packages can be returned to the seller. This is free of charge for you. Please make sure whether your seller can provide you a refund for the return and does accept returns in advance.

If you have any questions customer service is available only via e-mail at Since our background system is a little bit messed up due to the shutdown there may be some problems with the shipments. In this case, contact our customer service.

Please note that all orders must be placed before the 14th of September. If there is no order for a package at the warehouse until the point in time I will return it to the seller. [UPDATE 2018-10-21: The customer dashboard has been closed. It is no longer possible to place any orders.]