Our pricing model

Our basic pricing model is fairly simple, it works as follows:

Your price =
shipping +
€4.76 for
small shipments
€8.33 for big shipments
€17.85 for
heavy/bulky parcels
This includes receiving the package at our warehouse, storing it for up to 14 days and sending it. We have no subscriptions and no hidden fees, everything is pay as you go.

Additional services

Because sometimes you need something extra we also offer a range of additional services for your parcels to enhance your package forwarding experience.


We can consolidate multiple small packages into one big one - this way you can save big on shipping cost when receiving multiple parcels for forwarding.

€9.52 base fee per shipment
+ €3.57 per parcel

Obligatory for non-EU countries

Customs declaration

We attach a customs declaration using the inputs you provide to all packages requiring one.

€1.19 per shipment


We can provide you up to four pictures of the contents of your shipment.

€5.95 per parcel

Long-term storage

Free storage is included of course, but if you want us to keep your packages long-term there's a fee.

FREE for 14 days

€0.60 per day and parcel from 15th day


Changed your mind? No problem, simply use our return service that sends your items back to the seller.

€4.76 for a small shipment or €8.33 for a big shipment
+ shipping or

free return label

We currently have regular returns pickups only by DHL. If you can not return your item by DHL a pickup fee might apply.