Frequently asked questions

There are some very natural questions we get asked about our service from time to time. We try to provide answers to all of them on this page.


How much is a shipment?
Are there any recurring costs?


How will I know a parcel arrived?
How long until I receive the item?
How long does it take for my item to be shipped?
How do you know a parcel belongs to me?
How can I pay the seller of my items?
Can you pay for my shipment when it arrives ("Nachnahme")?


What is a consolidation?
How much are consolidations?
Are my packages small or large parcels after the consolidation?


Are my shipments insured?
What happens if my items are lost or damaged in transit?
How to deal with external damages when receiving the parcel?


How can I pay?
When do I have to pay?
Are there any fees in addition to what I pay to ShipGerman?
We are constantly expanding this section, but if something is not covered here do not hesitate to contact customer service - we are always happy to help!