ShipGerman COVID Information Hub

Due to the global pandemic transportation capacities to certain countries can be reduced, also delivery might not be possible due to legal restrictions or other impactful events. To give you an overview over the situation we have compiled up-to-date information and links to carrier resources here.

Are we able to handle your package?

There are three core steps to our service: we have to receive your package, be able to store it and then find a carrier to ship it out. This is an overview of how all these steps currently operate.

Inbound carriers

Operating with delays

Our inbound carriers are currently experiencing very high volumes and you might experience slight delivery delays to our warehouse. This means your package might take more than one day transiting through Germany.

ShipGerman warehouse

Operating normally

Our warehouse operates operates as usual, we can receive, process and ship packages and are not experiencing capacity constraints yet.

Outbound carriers (EU)

Operating normally

Ground transportation is up and running again and has adapted to the COVID-Situation. That means our transportation partners are able to ship to all EU destinations without issues.

Outbound carriers (Non-EU)

Operations to some destinations impacted

Some carriers can still not deliver to certain destinations, however this situation is improving every day as air cargo capacities are starting to pick up again. To check if your country is impacted please check what shipping methods are available for your country through our rate calculator .

You can also check on the carrier websites what the current restrictions are: