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How package forwarding works

ShipGerman delivers your purchases from any German or EU online store to wherever you are in the world. Through our reliable carriers and low shipping rates we make international shopping swift and easy.

Shop any German or EU online store and use your free German address at checkout.
Get notified when we receive your parcel, then manage forwarding and choose your preferred carrier on our website.
Receive your order globally in days using our reliable shipping partners.

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Fast and affordable shipping

No matter if it is a phone, a pair of shoes or a lawnmower you need to ship around the world. We provide affordable rates for all of these requirements. These are actual shipments ordered by previous customers.


United Kingdom
8 days
Total price

Car Parts

United States
2 days
Total price


5 days
Total price

What sets us apart

Our goal is to provide you the easiest package forwarding experience possible. For this we have invested significantly to create an ideal environment for our international forwarding service.

Perfect express integration

Our focus on international express delivery allows us to reach Europe and the US in as quick as one night

Fast turnarounds

Highly automated processes allow us fast turnaround times as low as one business day

Ideal location

Located near Germanys economic powerhouse Munich and its second largest airport

Reliable partners

Working with big industry names like UPS allows us to get your shipments delivered fast and reliable

We are here if you need help

Our customer service is available for you seven days a week and we generally respond to inquiries within 24 hours.