Cargo transportation

We do our best to transport items that exceed our maximum dimensions of 120x60x60cm and a weight of 31.5kg.

What is the Cargo service?

While the majority of items can be transported with our standard carriers and fit within our maximum dimensions of 120x60x60cm and our maximum weight of 31.5kg we can also handle shipments that exceed those dimensions.


  • Must be packed in a cuboid cardboard box
  • Weight must not exceed 40kg
  • Length must not exceed 200cm
  • Girth measure (length + 2x width + 2x height) must not exceed 600cm

While we are happy to provide you with a quotation as soon as your shipment is at our warehouse we do recommend to get a quote before you place the order with the merchant. Especially very bulky items to non-EU destinations may not always have a reasonably priced shipping option available leading to unwanted surprises about the cost as soon as we want to ship the item.


The fees listed below are applicable for the shipments in addition to our standard processing and handling fees.

Oversize and overweight fees

  • Overweight fee (for shipments exceeding 30kg): €35.70
  • Overweight fee (for shipments exceeding 40kg): €119.00
  • Oversize fee (for shipments with a length exceeding 120cm): €11.90
  • Oversize fee (for shipments with a length exceeding 150cm or width exceeding 60cm): €35.70
  • Oversize fee (for shipments with a girth exceeding 500cm): €59.50

If a shipment exceeds both the maximum size and maximum weight one oversize and one overweight fee is applicable. Fees do not stack up, we will only charge the highest applicable oversize or overweight fee, not multiple oversize or overweight fees.

Freight fee

If a shipment can not be shipped with one of the carriers on our platform and we need to manually procure an external quote we charge a freight fee of €59.50.

Cargo preparation

If a shipment requires specific preparations to be shipped through a carrier (e.g. palletization or other services) we charge the cost of material as well as a hourly rate of €89.25.