Parcel forwarding without the hassle

You shop your item, we take care of receiving, handling and shipping it to you. Wherever you are.

How it works

Place an order with any German or EU online shop and use our German address at checkout.
We notify you as soon as we receive your order, you can then place the request for having your item forwarded through our website.
Receive your order worldwide in days using one of our reliable shipping carriers.


The fastest way to check the total cost for forwarding a parcel is our price calculator. It shows all available shipping options and transit times after entering the size and weight of your shipment.

» Visit our price calculator

The pricing for our forwarding service is based on the size and weight of your parcel. The prices for the service shown below do not include the shipping cost, please use the price calculator to determine the total cost.

The length, width and height of a small parcel added together do not exceed 90cm and its weight does not exceed 2kg.

For a small parcel we charge €4.76.

What fits into a small parcel?

Pair of shoes
Parcel dimensions may differ depending on item and packaging. If unsure please consult with the online shop you are planning to buy from on the actual dimensions of the shipment.

Our shipping rates


All our shipping options include tracking so you can always follow your shipment as it is transported to you.


Our services either include insurance by default or offer the option to add it during the shipping process. You can find all available insurance options in our price calculator.


Maximum size and weight

Our standard rates work for shipments up to 120x60x60cm and a weight up to 31.5kg. For items bigger than this please check out our cargo service.

Maximum value

Our liability for loss and damage is limited to 1.000€ per customer account at our warehouse. Additionally, shipments exceeding a value of 1.000€ that are leaving the EU require a formal exports declaration. Please contact us for a quote.


Items must be packed in a cuboid cardoboard box or an appropriate shipping bag. Missing or improper packaging may result in additional cost for applying proper packaging.

Origin countries

We can only receive shipments from Germany and other EU countries. We can not receive shipments from the UK and countries outside the EU.

Prohibited goods

Many every day items are restricted for transportation. Please check our overview of prohibited items before placing the order to our warehouse.

Items paid in advance

All items must be paid for to the seller when they arrive at the warehouse. We reserve the right to request proof of payment in case of suspicion that the item may not have been properly paid.