The hitchhiker's guide to international shipping

Did you remember us saying we want to make the complex process of international shipping easy for you? This guide is one step on the way to fulfilling that vision. It is a compilation of what we have learned and what will probably be useful for you as well.

Are we able to handle it?

This part gets quite obvious when you think about it - we don't want anything at our warehouse that may hurt us, also nothing that is illegal. Please make sure you stick to the following rules:

Keep within the maximum dimensions of 120 x 60 x 60cm and the weight limitation of 30kgs.
We can only send out shipments with a total value of less than €1,000.00.
All items arriving at our warehouse must be paid to the seller in advance.

We can't handle explosives, poisonous or pressurized items and everything else that might harm humans.

We take pride in cooperating with the local law enforcement - so no illegal items at our warehouse!

Can someone transport it?

When your items are in our warehouse we have to be able to ship them somehow. This should give you a quick overview over what you need to know.

Lithium-ion batteries can only be transported by air using our premium carriers DHL Express, UPS and TNT if they have less than 100Wh per battery or less than 20Wh per battery cell and are built into the equipment (e.g. a mobile phone or laptop).

Only within the EU

Using DPD lithium-ion batteries can be transported if they are built into equipment and have less than 100Wh per battery and less than 10Wh per battery cell.


You can filter by carriers that are able to transport less than 100Wh per shipment and less than 10Wh per cell in our rate calculator.

Most carriers limit or waive their insurance for jewelery, cash and other valors.
If you're not using our consolidation service make sure the seller packs your items properly for their long way.

Many destinations are still restricted or unavailable with some carriers. You can find the up-to-date information in our rate calculator when getting a quote.

You can find a comprehensive overview of what we can not ship on our List of prohibited goods.

Are you allowed to import it?

Some countries really don't like certain groups of items. Here are a few of them to keep an eye out for:

Alcoholic beverages
Brand items1
Protected wildlife products
Medical products

This is not a complete list of items that may be impacted because this is different for every single country. Please make sure you do some research before ordering.

1 In some countries it is possible for a brand to reserve the exclusive right to import their items, very few brands use this however.

Only for Non-EU countries

Are you prepared to pay customs fees?

When your items get imported to your country they will have to pass through customs. Customs duties will depend on the value of the contents as well as the type of items you are receiving, import clearance fees also depend on the carrier. In some countries you'll have to pay an import tax.

All the required fees will be collected when the parcel is delivered to you. These fees do not go to us, but your country's customs agency or the delivering carrier.

We hope this guide provided you a little overview of what's important to know about international shipping.

As always we are here for you if there are any further questions.